Immigrantion Reform Still Needed: February 14th 2007 Press Release

“Torch of Hope” Ceremony & Candlelight Vigil for Comprehensive Immigration Reform at Independence Park

Join us to commemorate the beginning of the grassroots mobilization for Immigration Reform.  We will light the “Torch of Hope” in a candlelight vigil and share our hopes for Congress to show leadership and compassion in solving this critical issue.

On February 14th 2006, Philadelphia made history by sparking what became a national chain reaction of marches and rallies to support comprehensive immigration reform.

 2006_United_ States_immigrati on_reform_ protests

One year later, with a new Congress, the immigration debate still polarizes neighborhoods, cities and the nation itself.  While the harsh approach of House bill (HR 4437) was ultimately rejected, Congress did not pass any practical solutions.  Many of our elected representatives deserve praise for their leadership over the past year, including Senator Arlen Specter and others.

On February 14th 2007, the Day Without Coalition of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey will illuminate the path for the region’s Congresspeople by lighting the “Torch of Hope” during a Candlelight Vigil at Independence Park on 5th and Market Streets in Philadelphia .  The gathering of immigrants and supporters will begin at 2:45pm with a press conference, followed by the program.


–          Performances by the Ollin Aztec Dance Group and others

–          Prayers offered by various religious leaders

–          Statements of Hope

–          “Torch of Hope” ceremony

–          Candlelight vigil

By highlighting the experiences of workers, students, children and families, the immigration movement will be given a face as all participants will be invited to express their desires by finishing the phrase “My hope is that…”

Photos and videos documenting this growing movement will be collected and be available for the press at a later time.

This event is one of reflection, hope, and humility as we request that Congress consider the millions of lives affected by their actions, or lack thereof.

The Day Without Coalition supports the following principles and urges others to join immigrants in contacting Senators and Representatives in support of true comprehensive reform that includes the following:

1) A legal way for individuals to Pursue Happiness without risking their lives and be protected by labor laws once they are here;
2) A means for the undocumented to live a Peaceful Life without fear of harassment and the opportunity to earn legal status and citizenship;
3) A Removal of delays that keep family members apart for years.

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