Bush signs the Secure Fence Act Of 2006

Border fence approval notwithstanding, the fact remains that not enough has been done to improve our sense of security.
This is because resources have not been targeted to the areas that would truly make a difference.
Were the amounts shoveled to the border instead be used to document people here and expedite the process, not only would we be better be able to identify our neighbors, but we would be able to recoup the investment in taxes. Where are the additional English classes?

Immigration is not a problem, it is a solution and a pillar of our democracy. To further establish obstacles to orderly immigration is to diminish the American spirit of trying to do things better; let us not digress to those xenophobic attitudes that judged anyone by the color of their skin and disregarded their contributions.

Comprehensive reform is not a matter of items on a menu to be taken as the politicians have an election ache. It is instead a. Necessity of millions of people in the process of facing a bureaucracy that separates them from their family, livelihood and opportunity to join the ideals of this great nation. A full reform avoided by the fence bill that actually diminishes the security of our neighbors is like choosing a broken cup to do the work of a sieve for only the latter would be able to separate the new Americans from the terrorist chaff.

The expenditures on a border fence are a misappropriation of funds. Were we to invest a third of that in immigrant integration, like documentation and English Classes, the effect would do more for America’s security.

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